Dr. Shellie Hipsky,
CEO of Inspiring Lives International and Founder and President of the Global Sisterhood 

Vice President

Kristie Knights,



Cori Nicole Smith Wamsley,
Owner of Cori Wamsley Writing Services and author



Amanda Webster,
Office Manager, First Commonwealth Bank


Legal Counsel

Christie Brown-Tillapaugh,
Lawyer and Director at Cohen and Grigbsy law firm


Alice Beckett-Rumberger,
Owner of TheraFusion and Turning Leaf Rentals

Samantha Barna,
Social Media Coordinator

Jackie Capatolla,
Owner of Jacqueline’s Salon

Dr. Michele Langbien,
Professor at Point Park University, founder of Leaders Empower Lives

Valerie Lerch,
Owner and corporate and promotional event planner at Posh Events by Valerie

Ricki McKissock,
Technical Director

Shawna Solomon,
Founder of Exotic Hush, Princess Entrepreneurs, and Women Entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh

Dr. Minister April Avery Torrence,
Minister, Executive Director at Zion Education Center, grant writer, researcher

Diane Withrow,
Mgr. AM Retail Group