Author: Carla Wynn Hall

The Inspiration Experiment

Down the Rabbit Hole Remember when a daydream could encapsulate you for hours, and returning from it felt magical? What if you could create everything you have ever wanted, just by practicing the art of daydreaming? The beauty of a strong imagination is one of the most valuable assets that women possess, and through creativity they can share it with the world. The Art of a Daydream A woman’s soul is filled with desires that she wishes to fulfill. She is a busy mom, trying to make ends meet, running around with the scouts, taking care of sniffles and...

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Bubble Baths and Business Suits: A Savvy Woman’s Manifesto for Being a Soulful Entrepreneur

Women are energetic, spirit driven miracles, and are born ready to do it all. The soulful entrepreneur is a woman has it all, and not just in terms of wealth or material objects. She deeply desires to travel to locations that please her eyes, warm her heart and activate an element of love. She is a mother who raises her children, loves her husband and relaxes with long baths, walks in the woods and by doing pottery in her local community. She is an innovator, athlete, artist, author and established CEO. She is a soulful entrepreneur who wants it...

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