Author: Cori Wamsley

New Voices Fostering Change: Emily Marburger for Mayor

“I was one of those little girls who used to dream of being president. Maybe this is how it starts.” I read these words in a Facebook post by Emily Marburger, mayoral candidate for the township of Bellevue, Pa., near Pittsburgh, when she shared her story of what inspired her to start a career in politics. Like so many, she was recently spurred to action by a change in our country’s direction. Seeing ideals that she disagreed with becoming a focus for our forward steps was disheartening. Plus, she had spent several years helping the under-served, low-income families, as...

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Leave it Better than You Found It

The marching band director during my freshman year at West Virginia University was an amazing, wise man. At the end of a band camp day or a rehearsal, he sometimes told us stories about marching band members who were unique or inspiring. I remember him talking about a girl who had cancer, whose time in the band meant so much to her in the last months of her life. He told us about a completely blind clarinet player who marched rather than standing on the sidelines. She not only memorized her music but also her position on the field...

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When Your Body Speaks

By Cori Nicole Smith Wamsley May 5th was the tenth anniversary of the day I fell on my carpeted living room floor and broke my back. When I was lying there, I knew something was horribly wrong. I felt strange, intense pain, but I could move my limbs. I told myself every day that I would feel better the next. The pain wasn’t unbearable. It was just me. Four months later, continued pain and restricted movement forced me to see my doctor. One of the huge dense lower back bones collapsed on itself when I fell. A follow-up dexa...

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