Author: Jen Forsyth

Fierce Women Project: Up Close and Personal with J.G. Boccella

J.G. Boccella is a man who likes to bring people together. He calls himself a “social change catalyst.” He speaks the unspoken. States the obvious. Comes right out and says what needs to be said. Boccella believes that young girls need to begin to craft a portrait of their future selves, and they need fierce, successful women who truly care to share their stories and show them the way. He will do just that by bringing middle and high school-aged girls together with the FierceWomenProject. This wasn’t a planned venture for Boccella, who stated, “I didn’t have a master...

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Take Your Child to Work Day

So, how do two moms without an official location of employment take on Take Your Child To Work Day? They make the City of Pittsburgh their office, and they make sure it was a day of the Global Sisterhood giving back to as many nonprofit organizations as possible. Global Sisters Dr. Shellie Hipsky and Jen Forsyth, along with their helpers Alyssa, 9, Emma, 8, and Jake, 7, created an agenda which began bright and early Thursday morning, and took on the mission to help seven local charities across the Pittsburgh area. The group’s first stop was Pittsburgh’s Strip District,...

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