Author: Suzanne Sammon

What Yoga Taught Me: Stretching Our Hearts and Minds

What does it feel like to accept an invitation to try something new? What does it feel like to extend our own personal zones beyond the comfort level? A few months ago, I was presented with the opportunity to attend a free yoga class offered in my community. So many within my friendship circle were already engaged in this activity and raved about the multiple benefits of yoga, including relaxation, better concentration, and calories burned. I was attracted to all three of these assets and then some, but what I was not prepared for were the empowering lessons that...

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Be Your Own Valentine!

February—the month where entering stores necessitates a “parting of the Red Sea,” there are hearts, flowers, candy, stuffed animals and love symbols everywhere you turn. While I currently bask in the festive nature and ambiance of this special holiday, this was not the case for over a decade. It actually became emotionally suffocating for me to be surrounded by these decorations and gifts because they were reminders of a relationship that had fallen apart and love that was lost. Re-entering the single world was my new reality following the year 2003; as such, my life took on unfamiliar roles, tasks,...

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