So, how do two moms without an official location of employment take on Take Your Child To Work Day?

They make the City of Pittsburgh their office, and they make sure it was a day of the Global Sisterhood giving back to as many nonprofit organizations as possible.

Global Sisters Dr. Shellie Hipsky and Jen Forsyth, along with their helpers Alyssa, 9, Emma, 8, and Jake, 7, created an agenda which began bright and early Thursday morning, and took on the mission to help seven local charities across the Pittsburgh area.

The group’s first stop was Pittsburgh’s Strip District, where adults and children sorted supplies for backpacks for the Homeless Children’s Education Fund. Since 1999, this amazing organization has provided supplies to the homeless children of Allegheny County so they can still have a proper education. The kids were even treated to a meeting with the organization’s founder, Dr. Joseph Lagana.

Everyone then moved on to the Carnegie Library in Oakland, where work for two more charities awaited. Emma and Alyssa put their artistic talents to work to create banners for Morgan’s Army. Morgan Yoney, 21, is in desperate need of an O+ double lung transplant. The rest of the group busied themselves making lunch bags for Kids’ Food Basket, a nonprofit which combats childhood hunger.

After a quick lunch break and some time for the kids to blow off steam at the neighboring Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Team Hipsky/Forsyth got back to work on Pittsburgh’s North Side. That’s where Dr. Shellie presented Angel’s Place, with a donation of diapers and other needed supplies. Angel’s place is a nonprofit which helps low-income single parents enrolled in school with child care and other family support.

The team continued to head north as a check was then picked up for Milagros Day Worldwide. Founded by fellow Global Sister Dawn Diaz, the annual New York City walk is meant to empower women who have a past history of abuse so they can begin living their life’s purpose. Dr. Shellie and Alyssa will be in attendance in New York for the 2016 festivities next month, as the walk is traditionally held on Mother’s Day.

More donations, this time of the clothing variety, were gathered as the team headed over to visit Miss Sally Power and her nonprofit, Treasure House Fashions. Located in Pittsburgh’s North Hills, Treasure House offers high-end clothing at deep discounts for women who are in traumatizing situations.

The final mission of the day was out of this world. Mission From Mars is a new nonprofit just north of Pittsburgh, providing hot meals, sundries, and even tents to the homeless in the area. Dr. Shellie proudly presented Founder Christy Pendarvis with a donation of supplies for the mission.

So how do two Global Sisters without actual office space handle Take Your Child To Work Day?

Like total rock stars! The Global Sisterhood gives back, and has the next generation in mind as they do it.