The Education Partnership vision:

“Our vision is for a community that is invested in meeting the needs of local students and their teachers. Students helping students, teachers helping teachers, communities helping schools.”

dsd_1951Those who are truly in the know are well aware that the only way to have a successful life is to give back. When I mention success, I’m not speaking only of wealth; I’m talking about leading a robust life of peace and joy.

I happen to own a company called Nikki’s Magic Wand, and from its inception giving back has been a part of our company’s culture. My business partner and I know the love and happiness that comes from sharing with your neighbor, so we decided to build what’s known as the “12 Months of Giving” into our business model. Each month, we support a different cause suggested by our loyal customers and friends. In preparation for one of these causes, The Education Partnership, I put out a call to Facebook and asked if anyone would like to help us in supporting them. The powerful, kind, lovely, and inspirational, Dr. Shellie Hipsky stepped up and said, “Yes! The Global Sisterhood would be honored to partner with you!”

dsd_1948aShellie went off and gathered her crew and they collected school supplies, while I went off, gathered my crew and did the same.

On November 3, 2016, Shellie and I met up at The Education Partnership to deliver our donations and to take a tour of this amazing facility. The stars aligned and my-eleven-year old happened to be off of school so he came along with me. I do my best to include my children in every single volunteer activity that I do because I want them to be aware that none of what they are blessed to have is promised…none of it. Gratitude is the only way.

We learned that over sixty thousand students in our area don’t have basic school supplies. Oftentimes, when schools and students cannot contribute dedicated teachers purchase supplies with their own salaries. The Education Partnership works to help equip students in need with crucial supplies and enables them to focus on their education.

dsd_1937After our visit, The Education Partnership had a few more items to share with disadvantaged children who are not able to provide their own school supplies. Shellie and I were able to join forces and continue our great collaboration. My son, Brent, was able to get one step closer to fully understanding that not everyone has the privileges he experiences. It was a great day for us all.

If this organization’s work resonates with you, please reach out to them: