Women are energetic, spirit driven miracles, and are born ready to do it all. The soulful entrepreneur is a woman has it all, and not just in terms of wealth or material objects. She deeply desires to travel to locations that please her eyes, warm her heart and activate an element of love. She is a mother who raises her children, loves her husband and relaxes with long baths, walks in the woods and by doing pottery in her local community. She is an innovator, athlete, artist, author and established CEO. She is a soulful entrepreneur who wants it all and gets it all by finding a sweet balance of life and income. She embraces her wild ideas fearlessly as they come to her, all while keeping an organized posture in business.

Many people say women are driven by their emotions, and this twist has created a rather unique opportunity for women to show themselves, their family, their soul group, and the world at large, that balance of work and deep passion for life is possible. While often given a negative connotation, women’s emotions help make them hardwired to balance the diverse demands placed upon them.

Many entrepreneurs today are mothers who are adept at balancing family and business. Within a mother’s womb an entire life develops and grows. Maybe a baby boy or girl, the answer is the same; there is both business and pleasure stirring within mom as the math of cellular division begins and the love of a mother is born. The word balance indicates the existence of imbalance at some point, but the deeper truth is that women are quite naturally ready to take on just enough of what they desire to carefully construct a complete and happy life.

Maybe a daily feeding of applesauce and teething biscuits results in an idea for a new way of parenting, or a trip to the soccer game results in a new way to carpool in the community and a conversation about community mastermind. A woman’s creative womb is always at work. As a soulful entrepreneur, birthing ideas at the speed of light, women surely are ready to balance a great life with a thriving business.

Happiness comes when the emotions are balanced with the satisfaction of living a life of freedom. Deep within the list of desires held inside of many women’s souls, are the desires of motherhood in its full capacity, with lots of hugs and story time conversations, first kisses, and then the ascension to grandparenting. The desire to travel, taste new food and wine, and to feel a new breeze caress her skin. The desire to have the deep and lasting love of a partner. The desire to be a leader, business professional and community hero. Each desire is praiseworthy and forms the foundation of balance.

Emotional power resides in all women who share the desire for balance in life and career. Women are expansively creating something new and fresh with every breath. Soulful entrepreneurs are cognizant of their emotions and turn to outlets like meditation, yoga, and music to seek spiritual balance when they’re feeling stressed. Believing that balance is already inherently present is the key to being happy inside.

Here are some unconventional tips for deliberately creating your own balance of life and business that leaves you falling asleep at night with a smile of contentment on your face.

  1. First, love yourself for the journey that you have already taken to get to where you are, with the awareness that you have all you need to balance your life just the way you intend it, bubble bath and all.
  2. Expand upon every new idea with grace and ease, knowing that balance is your true nature. With the knowledge that balance is a gift you are already given, you can easily continue this journey.
  3. When it no longer feels right, it isn’t right. Your emotions are what guide you and give you indications of when it is time to make a shift. Even long-held actions can and should be shifted when your energy no longer jumps for joy at their prospect.

This is your manifesto if you are a soulful entrepreneur. Whatever you desire in life, whatever lights you up, do that. The rest will fall into place as you continue expanding and growing with each new opportunity.