I’m very excited to attend The Global Sisterhood’s Mastermind & Gala on 14th April 2018, and I really wanted to share how I am raising the funds so I can go!

So how did this opportunity present itself to me? It all started on 6th March 2018 with an unexpected connection with Dr. Shellie Hipsky via Facebook. Shellie had mistaken me for someone else, but we both started chatting about our lives and decided to keep in contact with one another. My goodness, was I happy about that! I was so excited—more excited than watching the finale of Scandal! Yeah, I said it! To be able to connect with such an inspiring, smart, caring, amazing woman was going to be life-changing for me. This new connection gave me hope, passion, and drive to continue being the woman that it took me many years to evolve into.

This connection turned into an equally awesome opportunity. Dr. Shellie Hipsky and I were chatting one day about our careers, and that is when I found out about Inspiring Lives Magazine and The Global Sisterhood Mastermind & Gala. It is also when Shellie found out about my new book, which I published on Amazon on 9th March 2018. That’s when I put a plan into action to get my butt over to the United States to be a part of something special—to network with and meet so many inspirational women!

In February, I had listed some of my personal items on eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook for sale, but to raise enough money for my trip to Pittsburgh, I would need to dig deep into my wardrobe. I found some new dresses that I hadn’t even worn yet—some with the labels still on. I decided not to limit myself to just clothes and accessories, though. So, I listed my sofas, coffee table, Xbox console, perfume, printer, double bed, digital voice recorder, Ralph Lauren coat, commemorative plates and bowls, and so much more! It’s like I have a fancy thrift shop in the privacy of my own home!

Selling my items has paid off—quite literally—because I have made enough money to pay for my Gala ticket and hotel stay for two nights. I have raised half of the flight money already and hope to book my flights by the end of March. Fingers crossed, y’all!

I am determined in my quest to get myself and my fancy red dress over to Pittsburgh! Nothing and no one is going to stop me! Life has dealt me some very cruel blows, but my positive mindset, perseverance, inner-strength and my commitment to myself and my children has shown me that we deserve a better life!

As of 22nd March 2018, I have my suitcase, passport, U.S. Visa, and clothes all ready for my American adventure! I’ll be flying from the southwest of England all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I will not let the negativity and hostility of other people ever determine who I am or who I choose to be.

Look out everyone, because here I come!