Since the Global Sisterhood became a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity in Dec. of 2015, we have done the inspirational works towards women and girl empowerment in the United States of America.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky had a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $13K to create a book called Common Threads. The “book” turned into an educational three-book trilogy. Common Threads examined the commonalities and success secrets found with the top 100 women interviewed internationally from her Empowering Women Radio show. The three books, Common Threads: Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance, all hit the International Best Sellers list, and a movement was born. On March 12th and 13th, of 2016, the women of the Global Sisterhood convened their first Global Sisterhood Summit and Global Gala in Pittsburgh, PA. In collaboration with and led by Dr. Shellie Hipsky, they formed the Global Sisterhood, a non-profit entity that helps reach the women of the world through networking, providing resources, and when possible, the funding to make dreams come true!

The Global Sisterhood provides incredible resources and connections in the areas of empowerment education, and awareness/advocacy support, for the next generation.


Created a social media platform that has multiple resources with the guidance of Dr. Shellie Hipsky. They all educate and inspire, and all the resources are available for free on-line, including:

  • 13664782_10209471991058058_1362841694_nThe Global Sisterhood Blog (written by the sisters): The Global Sisterhood Blog provides women with a media platform to reach others with their message, to uplift, inspire, and empower others. It also provides another powerful resource for women to learn and grow their businesses and themselves.
  • Empowering Women Radio (Podcast): Empowering Women Radio interviewed over 100 women internationally and found out how they found success in the areas of Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance. It was then transcribed into Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s interational best-selling book trilogy Common Threads. They are available for FREE download internationally so the women listeners can learn from each other.
  • Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie (TV show)“Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie” is a refreshing TV Talk Show that was filmed in the NBC Studios, which portrays the lives of interesting people from around the globe. Dr. Shellie Hipsky globally educates, entertains, and inspires through her guests who have overcome obstacles from homelessness to domestic violence. In each episode, the Gratitude Giving spotlights companies that have products that give back to non-profit charities.
  • The new Inspiring Lives Magazine (100-page glossy and digital magazine for women entrepreneuers): With opulent photography gracing the pages, each issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine offers captivating stories and empowering ideas imprinted with Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s vision on business and finance, music and movies, art and books, health and fitness, relationships and self-discovery, beauty and fashion, and food and travel news. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and personal growth, the magazine inspires, encourages, and instructs, addressing every facet of a woman’s life: the spiritual, the intellectual, and the emotional. Every issue includes practical articles for entrepreneurs from start-ups to pros, including information on gaining sales, creating websites that wow, and social media support. The magazine encourages intelligent women to reach for their dreams confidently and make smart choices that will lead them to a life filled with joy, discovery, and fulfillment.
  • The Inspiring Lives Talks (5 minute inspirational videos): The Inspiring Lives Talks were recorded at the Global Sisterhood Summit and Inspiring Lives Mastermind. The top 50 incredible buisness owners presented 5-minute power speeches in the TedX style, and these are presented weekly through social media, Shellie’s newsletter and on the website so every woman can benefit from learning from these philanthropists, business owners, and experts in their fields, free of charge.



Dr. Shellie Hipsky and her 9-year-old daughter Alyssa led the Milagros Day Mother’s Day Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge. They presented a check for $1,000 from the Global Sisterhood to help sponsor 3-day retreats for mothers who are survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

  • 13650460_10209471991418067_1013468554_nThe Global Sisterhood, Inspiring Lives, and Dr. Shellie Hipsky have conducted Mommy Makeovers in transtional housing for single homeless mothers and their children. These makeovers restore women, help them transition back into the work place, and help them feel better about the way they look (clothing, makeup, hair, and accessories are included). We work with Treasure House Fashions, which is an organization that helps over 60 charities and has dressed over 10,000 women.
  • We also bring much needed supplies, such as baby blankets and moving out transitional gifts, and we lead toy drives for the children in the Goodwill Healthy Start House. One of the special things that we have done in the past is to have professional photographs taken of the ladies and their children at Healthy Start. They can’t afford to get dressed up and get a family portrait done. However, with the Global Sisterhood, we have made this possible. These portraits provide a tangible image of what the future could be like for these women to treasure and aspire to, this has a profound effect their confidence and self-esteem. We also chat with them and talk them through what is going on in their lives. The Mommy Makeovers for women in transtional shelters has been a beautiful testimony to what can happen when women take the time to lift each other up. Many of the ladies have gone on to get their own homes and gain employment.
  •  The Global Sisterhood regularly volunteers to be personal shoppers at Treasure House Fashions’ retail space. The sisters take the time to help them select the perfect outfit for obtaining a new position or to simply have clothing that is not worn or ill-fitting. Friendships occur in this space. We all become sisters regardless of status or income level. The Global Sisterhood presented a check to Treasure House Fashions to continue our joint mission to help empower the ladies in need.
  •  Another project that the Global Sisterhood participated in through collaboration with Treasure House Fashions was a Prom Princess Makeover. We chose a special young lady from a lower income family… while she described herselef as “poorer than poor,” he was actually helping others byleading a wonderful campaign at her high school to help girls get out of violent and unsafe relationships with significant others. We provided beautiful hair and makeup by Jacqueline’s Salon (owner Jackie Capatolla is on the GS Board of Directors) and provided her with stunning jewelry, a gown, and accessories. The most amazing moment was when her date for the prom teared up when he saw her at the top of the stairs because she looked and felt so beautiful. Then they were whisked away in a stretch limo for the prom date of a lifetime. It was truly a magical moment.
  • 13663612_10209471991298064_1645813108_oFrom Mary Kathleen Hoodhood’s Kids’ Food Basket (which attacks childhood hunger by feeding 7,500 children a day in western Michigan) to Jas Boothe’s Final Salute (which helps American homeless veteran women), the Global Sisterhood provides advocacy, awareness, and a solid media platform to help other 501 (c) (3) charities to have a voice and garner funding and volunteers.
  • Dr. Shellie Hipsky is featured as a part of the Fierce Women Project. Artist J.G. Boccella’s project uses contemporary portrait art to create a platform — on-line and off — for young women and girls to discover and connect with accomplished women leaders from diverse fields. Through this platform, the women share their stories with the students to inspire, engage, and empower them and then help them begin to create a vision of their “future selves.” Dr. Shellie Hipsky has represented the Global Sisterhood in presenting to groups of teenage girls to help them develop a vision of what is possible. She also presented these girls, who come from a lower socio-economic status with their own copies of one her 10 books, Mentoring Magic: Pick the Card for your Success. This book, which she co-wrote with a former doctoral student Dr. Claudia Bavaro, will help them to find, form, and sustain healthy mentoring relationships.
  • Through the Mission from Mars lunch program for the homeless, according to Global Sisterhood member Christy Pendarvis, “We form relationships and do what we can to help transform lives, assisting them with what they need to succeed. It is a privilege to watch those who have struggled land on their own two feet! Having basic necessities such as socks and underwear is something many of us take for granted. When I am able to provide necessities at my lunch, the [Global Sisterhood] is giving them part of their dignity back! Thank-you Shellie!” She wrote this while we conducted a donation drive for summer apparel and basic toiletries.
  • The Global Sisterhood helps the Homeless Children’s Education Fund in multiple ways. The Next Generation Global Sisterhood sorts school supplies for their backpack drive. Dr. Shellie Hipsky has raised over $100,000 through large-scale entertainment productions and galas. This funding helped build learning centers directly in the homeless shelters in Pittsburgh for children in housing transition. Dr. Shellie Hipsky serves on the Homeless Children’s Education Fund advisory board and works diligently to problem-solve to meet their needs. The Global Sisterhood cares about HCEF.


  • 13652574_10209471990658048_886105221_nNext Generation Global Sisterhood: Samantha Roth, who is a 16-year old and “Miss Reigining America,” is our ambassador for the Next Generation Global Sisterhood. She has done a dynamic job of extending the Global Sisterhood to girls and women. They volunteer together to help groups such as the March of Dimes and other groups that benefit children. The girls are mentoring each other and the adult “sisters” are guiding them.
  • We work in direct connection with the Princess Entrepreneurs and their founder Shawna Solomon (who is an active member and serves on our Global Sisterhood Board of Directors). The Princess Entrepreneur Program is showing the young ladies how very important it is to support, share, educate and mentor each other. Women Entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh work in collaboration and the Global Sisterhood provides support as they a create a structured curriculum for the 6-week program in a lower income neighborhood, They provide field trips to local women owned businesses, business mentors, and lunch. Each girl (ages 10-17) who proves their business plan receives a $200 Start Up Grant to get their entrepreneurial adventures started!
  • For National Take Your Children to Work Day, the Global Sisterhood took the Next Generation Global Sisterhood on a volunteer mission and helped seven different non-profit charities. These charities included doing a diaper drive for Angel’s Place (a resource for single mothers who need to finish their education) and helping Mission from Mars (donating paper products and even sanitary napkins for women who are homeless and who live outside in camps of tents). On other days the sisters, help to garner the summer clothes for the women who are homeless in Mission From Mars and we have helped them feed 100+ people as they do every week. Many Global Sisterhood members are mothers who want to pass on our love for giving back and compassion for others in society who need support.