I do not need you to refer to me as a goddess in order to connect to my feminine.

I do not need to call my avatar lioness in order to feel powerful.

I don’t need to change my name to light-sage-puffin in order to feel more connected to my spirit.

Betsy Fucking Chasse.

These are the words I awoke to one morning, and rang through my being as I put my feet on my floor and prepared to begin yet another day in hiding.

What has kept us from claiming our birthright?  What has held us back from stepping into our truest and highest selves?  What has made us hide our light, our wisdom, our strength, our innate abilities to create, and instead play by a set of rules that confines us to our bodies? Eons of believing that we should have shame around our power, that we must always be the “good girl” or “the right girl.” That we must blend in to survive. For centuries women have been beaten down and literally killed in order to silence our spirit, and it’s time to let go of the rules we’ve been playing by. It’s time to break free and to finally claim YOU.

bc directingI am ready to claim me.

My question to you today is, “How will you claim all of you?”

I am Betsy Fucking Chasse

And I am FREE.

I do not need to refer to myself as a goddess in order to connect to my feminine.

What does that mean anyway…connect to your feminine? Does that mean I have to wear flowy skirts and big earrings?  Is there an app for that? Is my feminine here? Or Here? Where is the feminine in this body and how do I connect to it?! I would drive myself mad in search of it. Does that mean I float into a room, appearing from the sky with lots of light beaming and a big orchestrated crescendo? Ok for starters I don’t float, but I do arrive.

We all carry feminine disempowerment from our ancestral DNA and shame; we’ve lived long enough in this patriarchal paradigm.  And while I am grateful for the feminist movement, it’s time for that battle to be over as well. It’s time for us to bring back the balance of the masculine and feminine by embodying all of it, by uniting the two and honoring their equal importance. The feminine means to attract opportunities, to be open to possibilities, to find solutions, to be intuitive, TO CREATE. To be masculine means to be direct, linear, forceful, single-minded, a doer.

I am a mother of two, an award winning filmmaker, a best-selling author, and a damn good driver by the way, I am a dreamer AND a doer, if that’s not connecting to my masculine and my feminine, then seriously tattoo a sword to my back and bedazzle my vajayjay if that’s what it takes to embody all of me.


The feminine has been co-opted into a story about physical beauty, and we have become afraid to claim our true beauty, our Essence, the true feminine. And to be truly feminine means to be a unifier.

I am Betsy Fucking Chasse

And I embody the feminine

I do not need to call my avatar lioness in order to feel powerful.

Powerful is often attributed to the masculine, but that doesn’t have to mean that women can’t embody it. We all actually embody both. It’s time for us to connect to all of our unique qualities, both the masculine and the feminine.

I am powerful and I’m finally ok with that. I am no longer going to hide from it, or temper it so as not to frighten or offend. When I truly claim my power I no longer need to exclaim it; I am learning to wield it, turn up the volume or turn it down as needed. That is the masculine in me listening to my feminine. When I claim my power I can be empathetic and compassionate, authentically. Why? Because when I truly claim my power I am not afraid of you claiming yours, in fact, it inspires me. That is my masculine and my feminine working together.

I have been called bossy, controlling, overly self-confident, pushy, arrogant and too masculine, and for most of my life I hated myself for being those things. In hating myself, I never embraced who I truly was. And when you don’t embrace who you are, all of your beautiful traits and gifts, you can’t wield them, they wield you, you react, and you hurt yourself and others.

betsy directingUntil now.

I am Betsy Fucking Chasse

And I am powerful.

I embody my masculine.

I don’t need to change my name to light-sage-puffin in order to feel more connected to my spirit.

I am spirit embodied in human form, there is nothing else, nothin’, nada, zilch. No separation between what is spiritual and what isn’t. Just as there isn’t truly any separation between your masculine and feminine, only that we often forget we embody both.

We create boxes for our lives to fit into: a work box, a home box, a relationship box, a friends box, a spirituality box, a masculine box and a feminine box. Then every day we move through our boxes, and then fall into bed, because that’s a lot of boxes to navigate and we’re exhausted…who wouldn’t be?

When I remove all the walls from these boxes, and allow everything to flow together, day by day, minute by minute, moment by moment; my life flows. My eyes are wide open, no blind corners, no feeling disconnected to any part of me.

When I can see that life and everything in this reality is spiritual, I feel more connected to it; I feel more alive. My life begins to have meaning, even in the mundane. Why? Because when I see my entire existence as a gift, as a reflection of spirit, as spiritual, then I am more aware of what I do here. I am more present to life, of what thoughts I grab onto and what thoughts I let fade away, I become more aware of the self and the ego and who gets to rule the day.

When I see everything as spiritual then I see all of ME as spiritual. My powerful confident parts, my nurturing creative parts, and I see you as a spiritual being, living all of you too.

I am Betsy Fucking Chasse

And I am spiritual.

We’ve spent too long separating ourselves from our SELVES. We’ve lived for too long feeling disjointed and unfulfilled. We’ve spent too long at war with each other, men and women, as well as women and women. It’s no longer working with the masculine and feminine being at odds, it’s time to bring everything together and the only way to do that is to start with yourself.

So, my question to you today is “How will you claim all of you?”

How will you fall in love with every aspect of your beautiful self and share it with the world? We need you, conscious and aware of your power, connected to your heart and present to your spirit. I am calling you to lead.