NOkayIt’s time for a serious chat about the power of saying NO and smiling through it without regret. You see, when we learn to say no, we open ourselves up to the plethora of “yes” opportunities. Say it with me, “NNNNNOOOOOO!”

This skill is much like riding a bicycle, once you do it the first time it will become easier. Know your “no” threshold! Say it and mean it with no regrets or explanations. Consider this, if you keep saying “yes” to everyone around you, you are saying “no” to yourself.  There needs to be a major shift in our thinking; saying no to many will allow us to make space for all of the wonderful things that we can enjoy once we start saying yes to ourselves.

Do not fall for the guilt trip trap.  Many will attempt to make you feel badly about saying no to their request; many have convinced themselves that your saying yes is their right, not a privilege.  Do not get into the habit of justifying your “no,” because once you do that you may talk yourself into believing that you are doing something wrong. If you begin to doubt yourself, you will end up right back at square one.

One day, I stood up and discovered my voice and the power of using that voice to say, “NO!”  I walked away from someone I had known my entire life.  As a matter of fact, this person gave birth to me; you see saying no may hurt but it may be that hurt is necessary.  As with most hurts, they will heal in time if we allow them to.  So you see how this small word, consisting of just two letters, can have a huge impact on our lives.  I said “no” to living a dead life so that I could say “yes” to living an awesome life.

When you are ready, go forth and tell those you care about that it is ok to say NO-kay. Rock the no every chance you get, so that you can sail into your sea of yesses for all the right reasons, and live a happier and healthier life. In our times of trouble, it becomes even more important that we know how to say no, because we need to take care of ourselves; we do not have anything left to give to those who are not reciprocating. So I say let’s “ROCK THE NO” ready, set, let’s KNOW the power of our NO!