Were you groomed for success or the total opposite? Someone I pretended not to care about (but in fact idolized), said I would never amount to anything. Words that were actually permanently scarring and left a lasting impression on my 12 year old soul. So how can a person persevere through difficult times, learn from them, and “graduate” to a successful life using a manifesting mindset, even with a negative, scarring mind-tattoo like that?

#1. Assessment. What have we gone through, and overcome? Being super shy was my persona in my early years. I was an introverted, question-the-world, artistic, book reading and writing kid. My grades said otherwise, they instead reflected that my intelligence was non-existent. Working in a daycare would be my future. All I was good at was cleaning and babysitting. At 13, with a special work permit I was employed at Mary’s Day Care Center.

My spirit was a numb stranger. Where once was a vibrant, chatty and glossy smiling little girl, stood a dreamless, weary pile of nothing. Nothing does exist. And to further press my point, I will disclose my personal experience in the hope that it will speak to someone reading my story, and will help them to manifest their future. My energy back then was asystole, and this stagnant complacency retreated every fight within me. Years of child abuse is my assessment, as to why my spirit was so crushed. This does not even include the mental abuse or the physical beatings.

#2. Awareness.  I ran away.  The guilt is still there for leaving my younger siblings behind. However, the survivor was now waking up, maybe low-riding, but awake. The heart beats once.

A new circle. Made of strangers. Older. Gun and drug pushers. This was what my family outside of home had knitted me into.  It was the warm and comfy scarf, hat and gloves (and faux love) I so craved. They protected me. I was now a soldier and had my own army. Although I never used any drugs or committed any crimes, when I compare my then-self (as a teen) to my now-self (age: much later), the two people are hardly recognizable. Because they aren’t the same person. Somewhere down the line, the child soldier wants out of the gang. Mentors start to show up. Out of nowhere, doors of opportunity start to open. The gang becomes empowering women, the goal to inspire others. You are shown the way.

There was no name for it then, but I clearly understood my power. The power of manifesting mindset with laser focus decided my lifestyle, friends, family, life, and the career I wanted.  Beautiful family. Amazing home. Fulfilling career. And to accomplish some crazy fun stuff. To be certain, the sting remains, even in my “older” age I can still hear the voice, strong, confident, clear. It seemed somehow law. Fact. “You’ll never amount to anything. You will turn out just like (so and so).” I believe this less and less. The difference is that now I have an arsenal. I am so aware of my thoughts and where I spend my “mind time”.

#3. Consuming Positivity Habituation.  Begin grooming your own mind for success, whether you started out life this way or not, it’s never too late to begin. Every single person I speak with has a direct reflection on my mindset, and what thought patterns I feed or destroy. What shows I watch, books and articles I read, podcasts I listen to, and most importantly–how I expel my energy. All are directly connected to my mindset and whether I am in the vibe-line toward manifesting my goals, or in the vibe-line for renewing the same paths that lead me nowhere. Over time, this mindset becomes habit. Avoid negative people who are “into” gossip, destroying others, and are judgmental. You’ll thrive around people of empowerment, who nurture your success, those who are your “wing friends”. With my new mindset, I feel strong, happy, alive. It has allowed me to write a best seller, speak in public, and to create an amazing life.

#4. Expelling Energy. How do you expel your energy? How are you feeling? This is the fastest way to tell if you are in line with the manifesting mindset or not. Feeling overjoyed the majority of your day definitely means you are in line with how you really want to live your life. Expel your energy into yourself, give to yourself: time, balance, silence, meditate, exercise, good food, and fun. Do these things for yourself. Tell yourself, “breathe life into me.” Pour into you “ingredients” of self-love, self-empowerment, and vision to create the strongest and thickest, positive soup environment that cannot be drained—only consumed and renewed by you. Your thoughts lead you to your reality.

Helping others—I am so totally into this. I’m like Oprah…you get help. And you get help. And you get help too! HERE’S SOME LOVE FOR YOU TOO! I do my best to give back in every way I possibly can that does not sacrifice my home-work-life balance, my children, my family time or my sanity. (I am not the crazy cat lady type of giver). Here are some examples: I give free chats, advice, messages, texts, emails, phone calls (less often, but still)…and I give them all with the best of intentions, with a heartfelt joy in my actions and a smile. I participate in my community, with my neighbors, social media, local business owners, donate my time, items, and money—all with love.

#5. Growth and Graduation. We are growing from our teen-selves into our now-selves. Hmmm. Think about it, it may seem so easy, but now consider this: we are also growing from our now-selves into our future-selves. To change, grow and improve, we must anticipate what exactly we want and expect it to be that and more. We must believe that we deserve it, are able to attain it, ask for steps to take to attain it, and trust that the answers will be instantly given. When we are able to take the action steps, voila—graduation—on to new goals. So, vision board it. Binder paper list it. Sticky-note it. Write it with your non-writing hand. Do it all! Manifest it all! Because, why not you?

How can you conquer the one thing you can never escape from? I guess if you were on a deserted island, alone, with only one person–yourself, you might learn (with super-hero-speedy, lightning-type energy) to rely on, trust, see the beauty in yourself and become your own best friend. After all, do you want to merely survive, or do you want to have the best, smallest gang ever and manifest the best life for yourself? Be bold; what’s your Next Bold Move?

Affirmation for you: My thoughts lead me to my reality. I am attracting today, the amazing life I always wanted.