Have you ever wondered why pageant girls have a “platform?” Or maybe you never knew what a “platform” truly meant? I thought so! Well, I had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Samantha Roth, the Current Miss Reigning America National Senior Spokesmodel, American Royal Beauties Miss Pennsylvania Teen, and your Next Generation Global Sisterhood Ambassador. Who better to explain platforms and answer some common questions about pageants than this accomplished young lady? Oh, did I mention she’s only 16 years old?

So, who is Samantha you ask? Well, let’s start with the basics. She is in 10th grade and attends Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, where she is focusing on musical theater. Sami is extremely talented; not only did she have to prepare a monologue, but she also had to perform a dance, and sing a song to even get into her school. She also plans on going to college to become a Musical Therapist and work with children who need learning support. Not only is she a superstar on the stage, Sami also has a huge heart!

samantha-barnaSamantha has been competing in pageants since she was 7 years old; she really started focusing more on them when she was just 10, competing in Jr. Miss Riverfest. In her first year competing at that pageant, she placed 1st runner up and in her second year, SHE WON! Yes, at only 10 years old, you read that correctly. Samantha has exhibited immense talent from a very young age and her charismatic personality was apparent from the start. Another one of Sami’s dreams is to eventually become a TV actress, and she would love to be on the Disney Channel.

Samantha’s platform focuses on The Global Sisterhood and more particularly on encouraging teens to become involved in their communities! When I asked Samantha to describe her current platform of The Global Sisterhood in a few words she said, “It’s all about giving back.” And that’s what got the ball rolling!

So what is a platform you might be asking? Samantha says, “It’s a project that allows girls to become involved and to believe in something bigger than just themselves, and it’s a way for me to really give back.”   Sami got involved with Global Sisterhood founder, Dr. Shellie Hipsky, last year at a Make-A-Wish event. Ever since then, Samantha has been promoting the Global Sisterhood’s mission of, “providing education, resources, and networking for women and girls internationally by forming connections and supporting each other’s missions and movements.” Sami has been working alongside the Global Sisterhood to provide opportunities to other teens like herself.

In addition to her work with teens, Samantha has also been volunteering in local nursing homes for years. How amazing! Samantha’s current goal with The Global Sisterhood is to “continue to create and expand a team of talented volunteers to go along with her to nursing homes, to not only benefit the residents, but to give these volunteers an outlet to practice their skills, and get more people involved in the community.” Naturally, my following question was “What project would you undertake if money weren’t a factor?” She answered, “I would go to other countries and work with teens supporting them to build their ideas for volunteering.”

Samantha-roth-crowningIt gets even more incredible…Samantha is working with The Global Sisterhood and a local church to gain awareness for “The Sage Collector Project.” This team is currently working to collect backpacks for local children in foster care. These backpacks are filled with toiletries and essentials that help ease the transition for foster children moving from home to home. The Sage Collector Project endeavors to help foster youth enjoy their childhoods, pursue their dreams, and become productive members of their communities. This partnership sounds like a perfect alignment for the Global Sisterhood, if I do say so myself. I asked Samantha what her goal was for this particular project, and she hopes to get, “100 backpacks donated and encourage others to get involved.” Visit www.thesagecollector.com to find out more ways to support this worthy cause. Or better yet, go ask Samantha herself how you can become involved: https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Reigning-America-National-Senior-Spokesmodel-Samantha-Roth-1561097140787056/

My last question for Samantha was, “So what’s next?” She plans to finish up high school, go to college, and continue with pageants and inspiring others. She stated that she, “…was honored to become a part of the Global Sisterhood and [she] learns so much from all of the women across the world.” Trust me when I say, Samantha, you are an inspiration to us as well! With her extraordinary ability to give back to her community, attend school, and maintain such honesty and humbleness, all at such a young age, I am truly honored to have been able to interview this wonderful young woman! Let’s ALL congratulate her and be inspired!

With love,

Your blogger, Simply Sandahl