Down the Rabbit Hole

Remember when a daydream could encapsulate you for hours, and returning from it felt magical? What if you could create everything you have ever wanted, just by practicing the art of daydreaming? The beauty of a strong imagination is one of the most valuable assets that women possess, and through creativity they can share it with the world.

The Art of a Daydream

A woman’s soul is filled with desires that she wishes to fulfill. She is a busy mom, trying to make ends meet, running around with the scouts, taking care of sniffles and mending broken spirits. She is an eager entrepreneur who knows her value and works hard to build her business. She is a savvy soul who has a drive to live life with zest. However, her daydreams have been hidden away in exchange for social acceptance and diluted by people pleasing syndrome.

Daydreaming whisks you away to another dimension, where you can dress, act, talk, walk, play and express with total freedom. Inside of a daydream you are the director of the theatre that is your life. Just imagine lying on the beach with a good business idea, but instead of opening up a spreadsheet or tweaking the marketing numbers, you simply envision the success of your idea. You allow your mind to reach high to the heavens with the intention of being inside of the visualization.

The Law of Creative Manifestation

When a daydream is deep enough, it can affect your reality. Inside of your mind, an energy begins to move when you are embraced by the magnificent daydream of your deepest desire. This law is simple: What you think about and add emotion to, can become your reality. Daydreaming takes you into a place of perfection where you can be as “woo woo” as you choose, with no fear of judgment.

Crafting Your Daydream

Let’s say you are on a mission to change some part of your life in an effort to create more balance for yourself. Perhaps you wish to let go of excess weight you have accumulated over the years. Your daydream now asks you to see yourself with this new body, new attitude and a heightened level of self-confidence. You begin to feel a little excited and are tempted to open your eyes. Don’t open your eyes. Stay in the daydream until you can feel your body in its new state of being. Envision yourself walking down the stairs and down the sidewalk. You feel the coolness of the water you drink down, feeling the life force within the water, flow through every cell of your body. You take a moment in your daydream to play in the fountain down the road from your job. It feels so amazing to know you have released this weight and that you are happy and healthy. When you open your eyes, carry the positivity of your daydream with you into your reality.

This world is busy enough, wouldn’t you agree? Take some time to indulge in your daydreams and really let your inner wild child out – inside of your imagination. Allow a little bit of fantasy to exist in everything you do and your world will start to become part of the daydream.