Does this resonate with you? You have talents, strengths, dreams and goals, but you are not acting on them, and you just can’t seem to get out of your own way.  Have you asked yourself, what’s stopping you from moving forward and put all these gifts you into use? I am not a mind reader but I can bet the answer is—limiting beliefs.

The truth is that we all have to deal with those pesky limiting beliefs, those annoying voices we hear in our head telling us—I am not good enough, I don’t have what it takes, I will never make it happen, I can’t, I won’t, etc. Our beliefs can make us or break us, and the negative ones will keep you hidden inside your comfort zone where magic doesn’t happen and nothing ever grows.

Let’s be honest here, deep inside you know these are lies coming from fear. In order for you to be able to shine and thrive you must challenge and destroy your limiting beliefs. We do this by working on our mindset, facing the fears and disproving those lies.  I will share with you just a few suggestions on how you can start slaying and crushing the B.S. of your limiting beliefs:

  • Make a list of ALL your strengths, talents, super powers (yeah!), and all the good stuff you have to offer
  • Listen carefully to your own mind– because it will start playing those nasty tricks on you. Be mindful of the negative thoughts and self-talk that will pop up once you start focusing on your goals, don’t ignore them, write them down.
  • Identify what diminishes your motivation? What makes you feel disempowered?
  • Identify what makes you feel good about yourself? What do you know for a fact that makes you feel empowered?
  • How can you challenge those limiting beliefs and prove them wrong? Make a list of opposites – use each of those limiting beliefs and change them into their empowering version, here’s an example:

“I can never get __________ right or done,” should be replaced with, “I have failed in the past doing __________ but I have learned __________ from my mistakes. I will try again using the lessons learned.”

  • Use the power of positive affirmations and mantras to keep your motivation up and running.
  • Find someone who has reached the level of success or accomplishment that you desire, and find out what helped this person succeed. You might want to implement some of their proven tactics such as trainings, mindset changes, motivation sources and other strategies that led them to success, utilize their tactics and be inspired by their success.
  • Surround yourself with positive influencers, people who believe in you, who see beyond your own limitations and will help you move forward.
  • Believe in Yourself! Don’t feed your fears (they will grow if you do); stop allowing the voice of fear to overpower your own.

You’ve got this! Now go change your story and start taking your power back!