The challenge before me was a Lotus Pincha Pose, which is an upside down yoga pose. I hadn’t been upside down since I was a teenager and it was quite daunting (even the modified version), being an out of shape 55-year-old woman! I was scared, but something had clicked inside of me, motivating me to do more besides the gentle stretching flows that I had grown accustomed to. I desperately wanted outside of the box that I was currently in. To my great surprise, the days and weeks that followed took me outside of that box and I began to quickly learn that what happens on the mat follows me off the mat into day to day living. It’s so beautiful!!

I had no idea what “pincha” was when I committed to the 7-day “Pinch Of July” yoga challenge, my first of many online yoga challenges. Here I was, a newbie practicing advanced moves – all upside down that required strength and balance, of which I had neither! At times I wondered what in the world I was doing, but hindsight, I see that it was perfect because I faced my fears, persevered, and grew in oh so many ways!

The truth is we can do anything we want to if we set our minds to it. This is something that I wholeheartedly believe in and even taught my children as they grew up, but somewhere along the line I had lost belief in myself. And until I took on this at home challenging yoga practice, I had no idea to what degree.

You see, “life happened” a while back and it took its toll. While life was being turned upside down (in a not so fun way!), menopause also hit and while it was not difficult for me, it seemed to have accelerated the aging process. I lost lots of muscle mass fast, which meant I lost strength. I began to understand why the elderly have trouble opening jars! Things began to creak and hurt, and I just wasn’t feeling as sharp as I used to. And with all of that and more, the self-confidence I did have was waning, even in my physical body’s ability to gain that strength back. Believe me when I say that it all showed up in many different ways in day to day life that were quite discouraging.

unnamed-2So within a few short days of my first yoga challenge, I began to see progress that surprised me. And now many weeks later, I have a number of before and after pictures of different poses that shock me! The progress and growth have been so fast! From that first week to this current day, I think and say out loud … “Wow, I really can do way more than I think I can.” Isn’t that the truth? About all of us? We really are capable of doing so much more … and at any age! My body is gaining strength and balance by leaps and bounds. I’m feeling sharp again, or at least sharper! There’s an inner strength and peace that is taking root in a way that possibly I’ve never experienced. Life is beginning to take on a whole new meaning.

No matter where you find yourself in life and no matter what age you are, know that you can still do anything you set your mind to. Know that you are capable of so much more than what your current circumstance seems to dictate. Are you feeling antsy inside that box you have yourself in? Are you wanting something more? Then take the plunge and bust out of the box and experience that something more! A new or changed up yoga practice could be your first step! Push the fear out of the way, apply yourself (with respect for your current limitations), and let the personal growth begin!

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Love to all! Namaste!