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Welcome to The Global Sisterhood

Welcome to The Global Sisterhood

Step into a transformative community where women support each other. Join us as we cultivate empowerment, resilience, and collaboration. Together, we empower and uplift women worldwide.

Our Charity Partners:

United in Support: The Global Sisterhood's Collective Impact

For years, The Global Sisterhood has taken need requests from local, national, and international women through our Charity Partnerships and we find ways to support each other. When a need request comes in, and after it is properly vetted through our Executive Board of Directors, if we determine that it’s a problem that needs our help that we can take on, we become like family for The Global Sisterhood. Over a thousand women strong, we make a way to support the needs of our “family” near and far.

Our 3 Main Components:

Empowering Moments:

Voices of Empowerment: Testimonials from the Global Sisterhood

Discover the inspiring stories and experiences shared by members of our vibrant community. These testimonials reflect the transformative impact of connection, support, and empowerment within the Global Sisterhood.

Consider Making A Donation Today To The Global Sisterhood.

Consider Making A Donation Today To The Global Sisterhood.

You can make a difference for children’s needs both here and abroad.

Companies and foundations who want to align their mission with The Global Sisterhood can do so through sponsoring events, advertising in Inspiring Lives Magazine, and/or making direct donations to The Global Sisterhood 501 (c)(3). Contact The Globals Sisterhood, and we will find the way of giving that suits your organization’s needs.