Karagwe Vijana Development and Poverty Alleviation (KVDPA)

  “The Global Sisterhood has inspired us to do for other women in our community, and gives us the drive to give back through our nonprofits. The Global Sisterhood has enabled us to connect with other amazing women, to network with trailblazers in business and...

Treasure House Fashions

“The Global Sisterhood offers a rich, diverse network of dynamic women who share the common thread of valuing their sisters and wanting to make this world better for each one of them, starting with our own corner of the world! ❤️”  Sally Power, Founder/Executive...

Meena Didi Women Education and Literacy Project

 “I came into contact with Dr. Shellie Hipsky who was very kind. Through her and The Global Sisterhood, I learned many new tips for running my ‘Meena Didi: Women’s Literacy Class’ Village to Village. Plus, it was a Godsend when we received the funding from The Global...

Milagros Day Worldwide

“The Global Sisterhood has connected my organization, Milagros Day Worldwide, to hundreds of international resources and we were honored to have been the very first recipient of The Global Sisterhood’s Charity Partnership contribution funds, which helped send twenty...

Leave No Girl Behind (LNGB) International

  “The Global Sisterhood has provided opportunities for our girls to learn from strong, successful women, including Dr. Shellie Hipsky herself! These experiences have been invaluable for our girls. The support from The Global Sisterhood has made it possible for...

Because of The Global Sisterhood 501 (c)(3), women around the world have been able to hear…


“You are going to be OK.”
“We will find away.”
“Someone in our tribe is an expert in that.”
“If we pool our resources together, we can make this happen.”
“You are no longer alone.”
“You have a Global Sisterhood!”

For years, The Global Sisterhood has taken need requests from local, national, and international women through our Charity Partnerships and we find ways to support each other. When a need request comes in, and after it is properly vetted through our Executive Board of Directors, if we determine that it’s a problem that needs our help that we can take on, we become like family for The Global Sisterhood. Over a thousand women strong, we make a way to support the needs of our “family” near and far.

The Global Sisterhood Has Three Main Components:

  1. EVENTS such as our Empowering Women in Business and Philanthropy Awards, and our Global Gala and Mastermind.
  2. INSPIRING LIVES MAGAZINE is the official award-winning magazine of The Global Sisterhood that spotlights the amazing stories of the women of our sisterhood.
  3. HUMANITARIAN WORK through #PopUpGiving and our Charity Partnerships

Featured Charity Partners

Please read The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnerships Stories so you can see how we continue to serve the needs of outstanding charities, women, and children. What the problem needs is usually a solution in the form of: making the right connection to a charity organization, fundraising, volunteering, or what we call #PopUpGiving


You can make the difference for women and children needs here and abroad.






Companies and foundations who want to align their mission with The Global Sisterhood can do so through sponsoring events, advertising in Inspiring Lives Magazine, and/or making direct donations to The Global Sisterhood 501 (c)(3). Contact The Global Sisterhood, and we will find the way of giving that suits your organization’s needs.

Together #WeAreInspiringLives Through The Global Sisterhood!

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