Milagros Day Worldwide/The Mother’s Day Walk

The Mother’s Day Walk is a New York City tradition held annually by Milagros Day Worldwide, a non-profit organization that empowers survivors of Domestic Violence through leadership coaching and mentorship; and a commitment to Turning Abuse Into Success. This event is a fantastic, fun family day created to honor and celebrate Motherhood while raising awareness and funds to support programs for those who have experienced Domestic Violence.

Mother's Day Walk

Milagros Day World Wide (led by Dawn Diaz) supports the needs of domestic violence victims and hosts the awareness walk on Mother’s Day across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Treasure House Fashions

Treasure House Fashions is a nonprofit, quality women’s resale clothing shop with a tender heart. We have a boutique-style atmosphere, but maintain a playful and embracing attitude.

Life is ever-changing, and your wardrobe should shift as your circumstances do. No matter what new experiences life may present, you can find affordable and stylish fashions of gently-used clothes, jewelry, and accessories at Treasure House Fashions.

Our shop is run by volunteers – tenderhearted, caring women who love clothes and, even more, love affirming other women. These ladies treat each woman who graces our doors with dignity and respect, assisting them in flattering fashion selections for their particular situation – “affirming the treasure” within each woman.

We do not offer children’s clothing. WHY? Because if a mother has a choice between getting something for herself or getting something for her child, you know which one she’ll choose! Treasure House is a place that encourages each woman to take care of and to invest in herself. If a woman is able to care for herself, she is a more effective role model and better able to care for her children.

Partnering with other agencies, we supply the tangible resource of clothing in an affirming manner at no cost to the individual or their agency. This allows the agency to focus on specific needs of their clients – we’ve got the clothing covered! And the program works! Collaborating with other agencies, we have seen their former clients “graduate” from their programs, transforming from difficult situations to employment, and some even business ownership. Treasure House remains available as a long-term resource of clothes shopping, and the deep discounts are a blessing on any budget.

When you shop with us, you’re supporting our mission. Consider it guilt-free shopping or community service!! That’s women helping women.

Treasure House Fashions (led by Sally Power) helps 60 charities and over 10,000 women through their non-profit retail shop.

There Is No Limit

There Is No Limit Foundation’s mission is to empower individuals and families in the poorest communities to reach their fullest potential and enhanced sense of dignity through economic opportunities and the eradication of barriers including poverty, inequality, and violence. VISION We seek a world free of poverty, inequality, and violence, where independent, networked individuals leverage their knowledge, skills and connections to uplift and provide for themselves, their families and communities. There Is No Limit Foundation will be recognized as a global force and an ally of choice in the movement to end poverty, inequality, and violence. We will be renowned for our commitment to integrity and to ensuring the lasting dignity of all people.

There is No Limit

There Is No Limit (led by Aissata and Mariama Camara) provides incomes for the women of Guinea Africa by putting their beautiful tie-dyes on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

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