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Orphans International Worldwide

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 “The Global Sisterhood helps humanity around the world, making a tremendous impact. Dr. Shellie Hipsky was instrumental in providing support to honor the next generation of global leaders. In an era where leadership is needed now more than ever, given worldwide pandemic and heightened international tensions, The Global Sisterhood makes significant contributions by supporting 501(c)(3) organizations committed to making the world a better place. As founder and president of Orphans International Worldwide and the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation – Raising, Supporting, and Educating Youth Global Leaders, I thank The Global Sisterhood for their commitment, vision, and generosity!”

Jim Luce, Orphans International Worldwide, Founder and President


The mission of Orphans International Worldwide (OIW) is to help orphaned or abandoned children grow into solid citizens of the world through a sound structure that is simultaneously Interfaith, because there are many paths up the mountain; Interracial, because there is but one race – the human race; International, because our neighbors are our family; Intergenerational, because there is much to learn from our elders; and Internet-Connected, because the world today is at our fingertips.


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The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story

UNICEF estimates that the number of orphaned children worldwide is about 163 million, largely due to the AIDS pandemic, natural disasters, low world health standards, immense poverty, and food shortages. In Haiti, where the majority of residents live in extreme poverty, there are approximately 300,000 orphaned children. In a nation particularly vulnerable to conflict, that number is growing every day.

Orphans International Worldwide (OIW) is a New York state incorporated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded by former investment banker Jim Luce in 1999 as a response to the global crisis facing orphaned children. Inspired by his own adopted son Mathew and encouraged by his child psychologist mother, Jim first established a network of locally incorporated homes to house and educate orphaned children through traditional ‘full-care.’ The primary aim was Raising Global Citizens.

The Global Sisterhood was introduced to the Orphans International Worldwide movement when they were invited to NYC by the World Heritage Cultural Center, which hosts a benefit for Orphans International Worldwide, each summer/fall. They used the beautiful Manhattan gallery for the 2017 event and displayed the #NextGenGlobalSisterhood artwork in the gallery while raising funds for this important humanitarian project.

OIW seeks to benefit orphans through education and vocational opportunities that are coupled with a nurturing environment, proper nutrition, and healthcare. OIW also monitors the children’s education and provides after school tutoring, computer classes, and English classes. OIW intends to give each orphan support until each child graduates with a baccalaureate degree. OIW does not place children for adoption, but rather seeks to help them live successfully in their native countries and cultures. The Global Sisterhood proudly contributed to further the support of orphans around the world through OIW.

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