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Tamale Super Ladies and Women Entrepreneurs

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To provide empowerment for the women and teenage girls in the area of Tamale in Ghana to be their best selves whether that be through having the shoes to be their best in the soccer field or the sewing machines as they begin their journeys as entrepreneurs.



Social Media 


The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story



Dr. Shellie met the Chief in charge of over 30,000 people in his village in Tamale, Ghana. They became friends on social media, and soon Dr. Shellie was mentoring the Chief on leadership when he learned that she was a former doctoral professor in the area of leadership. She worked with him through technology to support his needs as a leader loosely-based on the Ph.D. course she taught at Robert Morris University titled “The Global Perspective.”

Rev. Nettie Jordina, the Global Sisterhood’s Global Ambassador, decided to travel to Ghana and deliver sewing machines, books, and an Ipad. The sewing machines for the women’s sewing cooperative were gifts that empowered the women toward their goals of abundant living as they earned for themselves and their families. As Nettie Jo stated, “We created micro-entrepreneurs, poised for success.”

The Tamale Super Ladies Soccer Team were further transformed into the soccer champions that they are after they received the very needed 45 pairs of brand new “soccer boots,” which are specialized soccer shoes. When they won the big championships, they proclaimed Dr. Shellie to be “The Soccer Mom” for Ghana.

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