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Real Beauty Real Women Foundation/Break the Cycle

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 “The Global Sisterhood and Real Beauty Real Women is a real sisterhood. Both our organizations strive to impact the world and elevate people through immigration, education, and justice!”

Jacquelyn Aluotto, President of the Real Beauty Real Women Foundation/Break the Cycle






Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW) and the “Socially Conscious Fashionista” (SCF) were created to bridge the gap between those fashion-forward visitors who love the glamour and excitement of the entertainment and fashion worlds, and those who want to become more socially active and make a difference in the world.

RBRW.ORG is a website offering viewers web savvy, fashion forward entertainment, and beauty and fashion trends and topics from your favorite celebrities, while promoting awareness of social issues happening in our backyard. These are social issues that our artists and celebrity guests are passionate about. This information comes in the form of reality shows, music videos, web series, beauty campaigns, and conscious content focusing on beauty and fashion, celebrity interviews, celebrity series, blogs, news articles, event coverage, conscious products, and links.

RBRW PRODUCTIONS’ film crews cover exclusive events in fashion, entertainment, and beauty connected with a charitable cause or organization and publish these events, videos, and photos online. RBRW has two pages in an edgy new newspaper where RBRW has one page devoted to events and another page devoted to the NIMBY series where Jacquelyn Aluotto covers stories about social issues all over America. Other publications include the Q Urban Times, RBRW blogs and Twitter. RBRW offers ‘How To’ videos, celebrity interviews, exclusive behind the scenes footage, and makeovers.



Social Media Handles

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The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story


“I’ve known Shellie for 10 years,” Aluotto said in regards to the RBRW connection when our CEO and Editor in Chief was presented with the Social Legends Award, “and I’m thrilled that I could honor Shellie for her work with the magazine and The Global Sisterhood nonprofit!”

Dr. Shellie and Jacquelyn’s collaborations all started years ago when Dr. Shellie traveled through the night on a mega bus to help Jacquelyn film a PSA on her documentary in NYC. Our editor in chief couldn’t resist lending her time because she loved the homeless women and children population so much. The movie was titled “Not in My Backyard” and Jac’s crew took cameras into homeless shelters to tell of their plight. Endless collaborative projects followed. Jac was featured in the pilot of the TV show Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie, on Empowering Women Radio that was syndicated out to 120 radio stations around the world, and she was a part of the original Global Sisterhood.

As the Global Sisterhood formed and they were both uniquely focused on a combination of sisterhood, fashion, and women empowerment, it only made sense to collaborate from Texas to Pittsburgh and NYC to LA. Dr. Shellie and the winners of the Empowering Women in Philanthropy Awards were featured as Socially Conscious Fashionistas.

When Jac met the other members of the Global Sisterhood at the Global Gala and Mastermind everything kicked into high gear. Jacquelyn was given an award, featured inside Inspiring Lives Magazine, and even landed the cover!

One of the most profoundly impactful experiences of RBRW and the Global Sisterhood was when Jacquelyn and Dr. Shellie represented their organizations during a tour and served as media on Skid Row. The leaders learned first-hand that with the estimated 91,000 homeless people living in Los Angeles County, an estimated 2,500 homeless people can be found living within the 0.4 square miles of Skid Row. They were able to communicate directly to those living in the shelter and saw ways that their organizations could help those in such desperate need.

The Global Sisterhood and RBRW continue to connect each other’s members and resources to be able to support all the wonderful joint missions, from stopping human trafficking to helping the homeless!

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