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Meena Didi Women Education and Literacy Project

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 “I came into contact with Dr. Shellie Hipsky who was very kind. Through her and The Global Sisterhood, I learned many new tips for running my ‘Meena Didi: Women’s Literacy Class’ Village to Village. Plus, it was a Godsend when we received the funding from The Global Sisterhood to be able to support our literacy projects through which I have taught over 80,000 women how to read and write.”


 Dr. Meena Singh Khadka, Lead Teacher of the MDWEL Project


SSN has a vision where the women, youth, and children are educated, empowered with different skills, and opportunities exist for all. SSN supports through education, especially through the Meena Didi Women Literacy Class village-to-village by providing training opportunities, income generation, and promoting a spirit of volunteerism, so that women are encouraged to support each other to fulfill their own potential.


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The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story

Dr. Meena’s story of leaving her Harvard research position to go back to Nepal and teach 80,000+ women how to read and write was featured in Inspiring Lives Magazine, the official magazine of The Global Sisterhood:

Dr. Shellie Hipsky has been supporting Dr. Meena in multiple ways prior to funding, such as when she personally scholarshipped Dr. Meena to learn through her EmpowerU Master Class curriculum. Through this connection, Dr. Shellie was able to identify a very real need for funding to support Dr. Meena’s valiant efforts to change the illiteracy rates in Nepal so that the women could thrive.

When The Global Sisterhood obtained their first foundation grant they sent funds directly to Dr. Meena in Nepal to help meet these three specific needs:

1. A computer was purchased there for teaching, learning, and creating marketing materials so that they can acquire other funding in the future to remain sustainable.

2. Teacher training was updated with current education systems that encourage individuals to respect each other, share each other’s experience, and to provide a quality education. SSN conducts Personality and Leadership workshops, skills training, literacy courses, and provides a platform for all to share their own experiences. They will continue to teach women how to read and write by the tens of thousands.

3. The Global Sisterhood Tea House is a gathering place for the women to learn to read, have a cup of tea, and have children be read to by their parents. In the evenings, they host the classes on Literacy and Awareness. Also, it is the entrepreneurial venture for a single mom to start her own business independently. With the support of The Global Sisterhood, lives are being transformed. Through the power of the written and spoken word being taught to the women who support the families and the communities and true sisterhood… Dr. Meena is leading an educational movement.