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Milagros Day Worldwide

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“The Global Sisterhood has connected my organization, Milagros Day Worldwide, to hundreds of international resources and we were honored to have been the very first recipient of The Global Sisterhood’s Charity Partnership contribution funds, which helped send twenty five survivors of domestic violence to our life-changing Bootcamp Retreat!”

Dawn Diaz, Founder and CEO of Milagros Day Worldwide




The mission of Milagros Day Worldwide is to empower survivors of Domestic Violence and Childhood Trauma with healing leadership coaching, mentorship, and a commitment to Turning Abuse Into Success.


Social Media

YouTube: @MilagrosDayWorldwide
Instagram: @TurningAbuseIntoSuccess
Facebook: @TurningAbuseIntoSuccess
Twitter: @MilagrosDay

The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story


Dawn Diaz’s Milagros Day Worldwide has been a focus of support and advocacy for years from The Global Sisterhood and Inspiring Lives Magazine. It all began when Dawn Diaz was a featured guest on Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie. She told the story of two generations of domestic violence and how she created this international organization to help women be more than survivors but to live their life purpose and dreams as well. You can see the clip from Dr. Shellie’s TV show here:

Dawn was able to tell her amazing story at The Global Gala and Mastermind (where women come from around the world to help inspire and empower each other) during the Inspiring Lives Talks:

Dawn and Dr. Shellie joined missions and supported each other through The Global Sisterhood. Dr. Shellie keynoted at the Milagros Day Worldwide Mother’s Day Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and The Global Sisterhood donated a thousand dollars that day. This was used to support 25 women being able to attend a MDW Boot Camp Retreat to recover and heal their hearts after abuse.

Milagros Day Worldwide was featured in Inspiring Lives Magazine with their documentary that focused on making women survivors feel beautiful and shine. Also, the striking images of the survivors were featured in a gallery at the Inspiring Lives Magazine Launch Party.

While Dr. Shellie Hipsky keynote at the Milagros Day Worldwide Summit during Covid-19, she became very concerned that women were being quarantine with their captors and needed therapeutic interventions online. When Rev, Nettie Jordina Bullitt came forward with funds, Dr. Shellie immediately suggested that Milagros Day Worldwide should be the June Charity Partnership to receive money for the domestic abuse survivors in need.

This collaboration, while it has been many years in the making, still feels like it’s only just begun. With your support of The Global Sisterhood, we can continue to help domestic abuse survivors rise up through a Charity Partnership with Milagros Day Worldwide!

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