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Leave No Girl Behind (LNGB) International



“The Global Sisterhood has provided opportunities for our girls to learn from strong, successful women, including Dr. Shellie Hipsky herself! These experiences have been invaluable for our girls. The support from The Global Sisterhood has made it possible for us at Leave No Girl Behind International to touch the lives of more girls and bring them opportunities they would not otherwise have had! For this, we are deeply grateful.”

Haseena Patel



Leave No Girl Behind International (LNGB) is a non-profit girls’ empowerment organization founded in 2013 and based in South Africa, dedicated to empowering girls and young women around the world to find, respect, and embrace their own voices, talents, and unique potential through leadership. The organization was founded by activists and sisters, Haseena Patel and Shameema Patel.

The organization works to reach girls before they become statistics. The focus of Leave No Girl Behind International is to develop girls through leadership training, thus helping to break the cycle of teen pregnancy, HIV, self-harm and abuse in all its forms, as well as prevent child trafficking, child marriage, female genital mutilation, and other human rights violations.

Millions of girls worldwide, both in developing and developed countries, lack the resources to explore their strengths and capabilities and develop their potential. Often, the adults in their lives also lack the resources to help them.

Our mission is to provide the environment, opportunity, and tools for every girl who uses Leave No Girl Behind resources and programs, to find her voice, expand her world, explore her abilities and talents, contribute to her community, and develop the skills needed to be independent, goal oriented, and financially stable as an adult.


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The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story

Dr. Shellie Hipsky has been mentoring and working with the girls in the academies in South Africa in Haseena’s Empowerment Circles for years. It was actually the Empowering Women Radio show in which Dr. Shellie interviewed Haseena Patel that was listened to by a woman in Pakistan named Hena who proclaimed that what Dr. Shellie was doing here was creating a “Global Sisterhood” because she was connecting incredible mission-driven and heart-centered women from around the world.

Haseena Patel flew in from South Africa to the states to present this powerful Inspiring Lives Talk at the Global Gala and Mastermind in Pittsburgh, PA:

In 2019, Haseena gathered The Global Sisterhood together for the first She-ros Event in New Jersey. The #NextGenGlobalSisterhood presented a $1,000 check to Haseena to cover the beginning of the LNGB Leadership School which has had a profound effect on the quality of life and trajectory of the hopes, dreams, and leadership skills of the teenaged girls in South Africa. Support of the LNGB Leadership School is ongoing and as an alumni of the school recently said “Thank you to the sponsors from The Global Sisterhood because the LNGB Leadership School changed my life. And when I am older, I want to give back to LNGB as well because I am living proof that it works!”