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Zion Educational Center

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 “The Global Sisterhood is a woven tapestry of international beauty and brains, who are illuminating paths with an unconditional love that has healed nations.”

Dr. April Torrence



Contact Information

602 Roemer Boulevard

Farrell, Pennsylvania 16121

Phone: (724) 866-9292



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The purpose of Zion Education Center (ZEC) is to provide a professional and purpose-driven commitment to motivating and inspiring the social, cognitive, and physical development of youth ages 1 – 13, their families, and their future. ZEC specializes in education, nutrition, health, and physical development activities with the following program objectives: ​

  • Provide children ages 3 – 5 with high quality pre-kindergarten education activities that target school readiness.
  • Provide free nutritious meals available on weekdays and during summer break that are governed by USDA guidelines
  • Improve social and peer interactions through positive recreational activities for children ages 5 – 13.
  • Encourage self-respect and respect for authorities through positive adult interactions and support.

Zion Education Center, Inc. is the only Keystone STARS facility in Mercer County that provides free USDA meals, subsidized child care, PA Pre-K Counts, Education Improvement Tax Credit, and intern scholarships.


The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story


The leader of the Zion Education is Dr. April Torrence who began her journey with Dr. Shellie Hipsky as Dr. Shellie’s doctoral student in The Global Perspective course while obtaining her Ph.D. at Robert Morris University. The two bonded, and Dr. Torrence’s eyes were opened beyond her local community to the world of learning. Her dissertation wove in connections that she had made through the Global Sisterhood with sisters such as Haseena Patel who runs LNGB in South Africa. It was such a blessing when Haseena, her sister, and her mother joined us at the Global Gala and Inspiring Lives Talks in Pittsburgh all the way from South Africa. Dr. Torrence delivered a moving talk from the Inspiring Lives stage in front of her Global Sisterhood:

Dr. Torrence was one of the founding members of the Global Sisterhood Board and is now the Director of Fundraising and Grants for the Global Sisterhood nonprofit.

When Dr. Shellie keynoted in Vegas at the Chics Connect Conference, she collected hundreds of books to be donated in the name of the Global Sisterhood for the amazing young Zion Scholars. Dr. Torrence knows that if Zion Education ever needs anything specific, they can come to the Global Sisterhood and propose #PopUpGiving, as was the case when they needed a nice wooden rocking chair for the children who had been through trauma in their lives to be read to by the Zion “grandmothers” as they calmed the little ones down.

Dr. Torrence helped to write the very first grant that was funded by a foundation for the Global Sisterhood. This led to the Global Sisterhood Entrepreneur Center which sprung into action creating 1,000 masks and getting clean water to the villages in Tanzania during Covid-19 and helping to support the literacy projects and the Global Sisterhood Tea House in Nepal with Dr. Meena that has helped over 80,000 women learn to read and write.

Dr. April Torrence is a valued and well-respected part of our Global Sisterhood, and it is our pleasure to support the amazing children at the Zion Education Center as one of our Charity Partnerships!

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