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Final Salute

 “The Global Sisterhood is not a sisterhood of blood, but journeys, stories that are impacts of self-resilience.”

Jas Boothe, Founder/President


The mission of Final Salute, Inc. is to provide homeless women Veterans with safe and suitable housing. It is estimated that there are currently 55,000 homeless women Veterans in the United States on any given day. For the sacrifices they and their families have made, this is an unacceptable state for any of them to be in. Final Salute, Inc. believes in paying women Veterans with the proper respect due to them for the service they have provided to our country. Final Salute also works with the Veteran in establishing her plan towards independence. 


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The Global Sisterhood Charity Partnership Story

Women Veterans are currently the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, due to a lack of supportive housing and other services for their demographic as Veterans. Over half of homeless women Veterans are single mothers and are sleeping in their cars, staying in domestic violence situations, or couch surfing from home to home in order to keep their children. This is unacceptable for a woman who has served and sacrificed for this great nation.

Jas Boothe is a Chicago Native, Disabled Army Veteran, Cancer Survivor, and Author who gave 15 years of service to this great nation. After surviving homelessness, cancer, and more as a single mother, she knew the plight of the forgotten vet. Jas founded Final Salute, Inc in November 2010 as part of her commitment to “Never Leave a Fallen Comrade.” Final Salute Inc. has assisted over 900 women Veterans and children in over 30 States and Territories. Here she is on the Inspiring Lives Stage:

After Jas Boothe’s amazing triumphant story was told in multiple Global Sisterhood platforms, the board decided to help donate to provide housing, food, clothing, health care, employment support, educational resources, financial education, and counseling for a woman Veteran and her children for a month. Final Salute, Inc. has provided over 10,000 housing days for women Veterans and their children.

When Rev. Nettie Jordina, our Global Sisterhood Global Ambassador, came forward with a generous donation for August Charity Partnership giving, it was on her heart to help women Veterans. Of course, Dr. Shellie immediately thought of Jas Boothe’s leadership of Final Salute organization and we will be donating directly to help the homeless women veterans in the summer of 2020 through The Global Sisterhood.